What this brand means

Every Rose Has Its Thorns. This brand represents the Thorns that we carry but the Roses that we truly are! We all come from many different backgrounds but one thing is true; We are all like a beautiful Rose that bloomed out from that Thorn bush. 

Every Rose Has Its Thorns means that through our mistakes we can become something far greater! We are our Thorns because we will always make mistakes and go through trials in this life. We are our Roses because through our trials and mistakes we have the ability to bloom into a Beautiful Rose. Those same trials mold us into the Roses we truly are! From out of a sharp deadly Thorn Bush blooms a bright Beautiful Rose. We are the Roses. 

Feel free to explore the different varieties of Roses and colors but stay tuned for more to come!

Roses x Thorns Stickers

The Dripping Roses Collection

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